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Information Security Services


Information Security Services

Penetration Test will be provided for minimum of 10 nodes and maximum of 30 nodes for one company. Disc Development will penetrate and test the company’s system and implement proper and up-to-date security for it. The charges for service will be depending on node’s number

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When it comes to tackling your toughest problems, Disc Development works as your partner to ensure the solutions we deliver are driven by your vision and your goals. Our collaborative approach provides the situational awareness you need to capitalize on your organization’s strengths, building and sustaining your competitive advantage.

Disc Information Security Services

Disc Development systems hold large volume of valuable information. These data and information are important for the day to day running of companies. Therefore, as a leading security company we offer information security services to protect your organization from any data loss. Cyber-attack is on the increase today. The issue of security can’t be taken lightly. We are ever ready to take charge of your organization’s information security management and get you protected

What We Do?

To overcome security threat on your companies, we bring to you protection services. Our managed security services supports and assists your organization’s daily business activities. It also keeps at a distance from your business network making sure that you encounter no disturbances to your network services. Our network security services are world class and very reliable. Our services are rendered and duly managed effectively to guarantee your online business a 100 % security protection.

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