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Learning Managements System

Disc Learning Managements System


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Learning Managements System.

LCMS (Learning Content Management System) is a system designed to create and manage teaching materials for blended learning (distance or classroom - based). LCMS gives users a way to index, reuse and repurpose the teaching material. It helps to organize content in one location and reduces the risk of losing data.

As an educator, to be able to efficiently manage and share the content is a very crucial factor in choosing any LMS (Learning Management System). Disc Learning management system allows user to create, import, export and publish the content, offering different delivery options:

Week based: organize and manage new contents weekly.
Chapter based: organize and manage new contents in chapters.
Timeline: organize and manage new contents base on sequence chosen by user.
Mixed based: organize and manage new contents without week or chapter restriction.

Disc Learning Management System comes up with huge library of support for different file types that can be embedded into the content. As example of these support we mention:

Video: file (various types of extensions e.g. MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.) and online links.
Audio: different types of extensions e.g. MP3, Wav, Wma, etc.
Office: (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

In addition, Disc Learning Management System gives the author powerful managing tools such student tracking and “Enable / Disabled” content download.

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Learning Managements System

Disc is a learning management system that offers interactive learning course content to users. A variety of multimedia presentations, graphics, and course contents. Disc LMS is totally designed and implemented in North Cyprus and its local servers provides maximum security. Also Disc LMS provides various administrative and educational features in addition to having a user-friendly interface.


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Quiz System

Testing and quizzing can be made unique in Disc LMS by providing many options allowing user to control every single detail about the quiz/test. Randomizing questions and answer orders (shuffling technic), calculating the time, recording the sessions and controlling attempts will empower any quiz system.

Reporting system

Disc LMS allows you to derive learning insights through customizable reports and dashboards that provide metrics on learner activity. One of the key advantages of Disc reporting system is that it can provide metrics, allowing for the measurement of productivity and progress, as well as draw performance insights. Disc LMS can help track a number of learner activities.In-depth Inventory Data "Disc Gallery System offers real-time data on every car in your Inventory — any make, any model, anytime."


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